Service Descriptions and Pricing

Leak Detection
Liner Replacements
Pool Cleaner Installation
Equipment replacements
Solar/Gas Heating
Pool Sitting
Underwater Repairs
Safety Cover Installation
Plumbing Replacement
Cleaning & Maintenance
Pool Removal
The WorryFree service

 General Repairs
Repairs are commonly referred to as ' service calls'. They include repairs to filter systems, components, heaters, tiles, skimmers, pool cleaners, liner rebeading, electrical systems, plumbing and most other areas related to swimming pools. The only products or accessories we Do Not repair are: Heat pumps, fencing and Kreepy Krawlers.
*Repairs are normally billed as 'per hour'. Although we do have a min. charge, it is at our discretion. The first hour charge is Up To 1 Hour. After 1 Hour we charge per half hour or partial half hour.
Current charge for the first hr or partial hr of repair service- $65.00
Current charge for each addition 1/2 hr or partial half hr- $30.00